Reading response immaterial-ultramaterial

Architect: (definition)- Material appropriators

While being immersed in learning code, writing scripts, and designing objects this semester, this definition struck me. the reading, immaterial, ultramaterial includes a round table discussion that leads to this point- architects are material appropriators. we research, we invent, but ultimately we make applications. It is likely that as I learn Python, I will never invent code or push parameters past the advances of the people that wrote the code. However, I may be able to do something with the code beyond its original intentions. I think that is the role of the architect; to push an object beyond its original intentions to create new potential solutions. Mori also brings this up when talking with ‘scogin’. in order to enhance the texture on the facade of a buiding they used off-cuts (roughbacks) from a granite company to create a textured feel. they took waste, and celebrated its core qualities. This is the path of innovative thinking, and I believe it is what makes working with in the profession interesting.


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