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I have completed several tests to understand how grasshopper works. The ultimate goal is to create a software that anyone can interact with, and a computer script that makes all of the artifacts tangible.

I have made several tests, and here are the best itterations:



For any 2d line, create a vessel:

This test helped me develop my skills and realize how difficult it was to move through a parametric model, and the rigor it takes to know what you want to see happen, how you can make it happen, and what changes need to be made, against what is easy to do.


Test 2 was a test to create a vase with offset curves.

this vessel had walls with dynamic widths, so that deep and shallow shapes could be made.








This test  allowed me to begin to see what I could really do. once I understand the order of operations I would create in modeling space, I can achieve the same thing through a script. the unique part of the script was that I can capitalize ion diminishing returns. I can create inputs, and generate minute change in the input, and it has paramteric effects that when stacked together, can make a beautiful shape.

Ultimately these are both failures, as they are not yet responsive enough, but they have shown me how, with the right knowledge, the software can be intuitive enough to allow someone ‘uninitiated’ to use.

I also found this link, showing how others have done similar research.

At the end of this struggle, I found a script which I should be able to easily addapt to my purposes

It was used to design a tower, but it lays out a very direct path for what to get under control, and how to manipulate what you have. It creates a framework for how to use the software.

July 9, 2011
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User Interaction Design

I am Currently Pursuing a research topic I have been interested in for some time.

There are so many products and designed objects available in the market today, but I don’t like any of them. None of the ones that cost less than $4,000 anyway. What if I could be empowered to make my own things, instead of what someone else chose for me?
Currently there is a disruptive change beginning to take shape in the landscape of interior and object design. As access to CNC machinery becomes more and more available, there is an increase in ability to produce mass customized furnishings.
Examples of this are here:

The Purpose of this research isto explore the possibilities of creating computationally designed and parameter controlled objects that are based on user-generated concepts. These concepts and models for further study will be refined for potential future exploration.

With this method of Inquiry I intend to use Rhino and Grasshopper to create parameters that will allow another unskilled user to make modify and customize a (lamp) based on several parameters. The focus will be on designing a system that can empower the user to create their own physical content.

Frequent updates will be made as I pursue this inquiry.

June 29, 2011
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